[CLOSED – $100 per week] Looking for an Assistant Manager/Organizer

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Greetings, I am looking for a studio coordinator, organizer, assistant manager, and recruiter for Vanity Studio. Your role involves keeping our developers on track and organizing tasks. You’ll consult with me to solve problems and facilitate efficacious game development. At times, you will be responsible for hands-on work like importing 3D models, decals, or sounds, so thorough understanding of studio is needed (or at least a willingness to learn).

This is a great learning experience or permanent role that can help you truly grasp the process of game development, as we currently have several successful games. Availability is extremely important, being able to coordinate and communicate at crucial times despite real-world circumstances if necessary. You need to always be on top of your game and be people oriented. As such, you’ll be rewarded a weekly salary and cuts from games you partake in organizing. This could be an immensely rewarding opportunity for those who seek leadership and responsibility. DevForum posting membership is preferred. Age 16+

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Payment potential is $100 per week while actively engaged in the above role. The figure is subject to change depending on the business of the week schedule. You will also be qualified to receive cuts for games you participate in assisting with.

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