[CLOSED] 0Skyz | Graphic Designer

About Me

Hello! I’m 0Skyz, a graphic designer who’s been on the Roblox platform for nearly 7 years and have been active in the graphics community for roughly 2 years. I enjoy making digital art and specialize in 3D rendered graphics through the use of Blender and Photoshop.






All of my previous work can be found here: https://www.deviantart.com/0skyz


Pricing typically depends on detail and complexity of the desired graphics. Here are my base prices:

Thumbnails: 20k R$ - 30k R$

Icons: 5k R$ - 8k R$

Advertisements: 7k R$ - 10k R$

Pricing can additionally vary on the amount of current commissions and availability. Prices for other graphics (gamepasses, character renders, etc.) can be determined while ordering.

I currently only accept payment in the form of Robux preferably via group funds, but I will accept payment through t-shirt/shirt so long as I still receive the full amount of agreed payment after taxes.


I can be reached here or at:
Discord: Sky#2000
Twitter: @0Skyz

I look forward to working with you!


I would highly advise hiring this user for all your graphic needs.

She has completed a lot of work for me in the past, and is one of the only graphic designers I will work with because she always ensures I have a quality thumbnail/icon/ad before closing the commission.

I also love how professional she can be while still holding a strong personality.

Would recommend!


I’ve seen this one alot! image All your work looks awesome!


Definitely recommend hiring 0skyz for GFX. Couch

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Super talented. Keep up the amazing work!

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I highly recommend using hiring her. She might be one the most trustworthy GFX designers in the genre, or the forum itself.
Her work is amazing and I don’t regret hiring her.