[CLOSED] 10 minute job! Scripter needed!

Hello reader! I am currently in need of a scripter to make a very small script. It should take 2 lines at maximum. What I need is, to make a gate tween down and back up like in a railroad crossing. I will provide the model and detailed instructions in a DM. If you don’t understand what I mean by the railroad crossing, watch this video:

I don’t need the light effect, nor do I need the bell sound. All I need is to make the gate go down and then up with a line of code. You also need to show me how the code works so that I can use it in my game.
The payment will range from 50-150 robux since this is a very small task (I will be covering tax). I expect it to take 10-15 minutes, even less if you are advanced at the job. You will be paid more or less depending on the time it takes for you to create it.

If you want to contact me, send me a PM on devforum or a friend request on discord. My tag is RobloxDev#6474

Thank you for reading! :grinning:


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