[CLOSED] [$10 USD / asset] Looking for a character animator

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Hey, I rember contacting you, what happened to the last animator?

He went silent for almost 3 weeks so far.

Oh, was there a problem between you two? Was it a cause and effect?

Not at all. If you’re still interested in the position, don’t hesitate to contact me again.

Great! Anyway you can do pay pal to ROBUX? Pay pal isn’t my preferred payment method.

I can pay the equivalent with robux, but you will lose a cut to Roblox.

Fine with that, I will contact you tommrow, I’m busy for the rest on my night packing up my items and going to start moving :smile:

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Hi, I sent a friend request on discord (ancant64#2019). I’m interested, but I think the animations are a little too simple for $10 per animation, so I’d rather take 7 Also I think I’ve played The Northern Frontier before. It’s very well made

Sent a friend request on discord, 12904#1757. I’ll be more then happy to work with you if you’re able to do Robux Equivalent.

I thought about it, and I say yes! Sent you a request: Scythe Slaying#5934

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