[Closed] [10k] Seeking Developers!

V2 Cafe

About Us

Hello! My name is Luca, I run a small cafe group that’s been looking to strive on ROBLOX. The cafe name is Sloth Association! My group has been looking for developers other than my Co-Owners and myself.

About The Job

:world_map: We are looking for a professional builder and scripter to help us out with the development of a V2 Cafe, we would like you, yes you! To help us on our way to strive as a roblox cafe on roblox!

:robux_gold: Payment

We are paying R$ (3,000R$ - 7,000R$) depending on the satisfaction of the build We are paying the scripters R$ (3,000R$ - 5,000R$) We will discuss payment method through our dm’s! We also offer a rank within the group and/or a Percentage % of Revenu gained from the V2. We’re ready to air A LOT of ad’s. Join us!

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via discord.

Group link; https://www.roblox.com/groups/5006666/Sloth-Association#!/about

Discord link; DdvBJhs or contact @JujuT123456#0001 or myself @Luca_x_x_Winky#0001

:cherry_blossom: Thanks for reading! :cherry_blossom:

I am interested. I sent you a friend request on discord, I am xJxck_yy#7636

I am interested. I sent you a friend request on discord. My discord ID is Rikk#8485.

I am interested. My discord is Coolestgamet#0624

Sounds cool, I can help with anti exploits and other things, discord tag is lodok3#0638

Ive sent a request my name is luca#9358

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