[CLOSED] 12.5k R$ - Looking for a map builder

CLOSED: A builder has been found.

About Us

Hey there! We are the Nova Corporation. We’re an upcoming group filled with creative ideas and a thrilling inovation inc. styled group genre. Our games are planned to be interactive and not strict to one single event per asset. Our games offer the user to explore and research on what exists, but isn’t fully known.

We’re still on our very early stages, and thus we’re looking for a map builder to assist us with our task of creating an enjoyable roleplay map, filled with innovative ideas.

You may learn more about us in our wiki.

The Team
@marcoantoniosantos3 - Lead Developer (Project Manager, Scripter)
@Dark40 - Builder
@ChaosSins - Modeller / GFX Designer
@D_ECEPTI0N - Uniform Designer

About The Job

We’re looking for a talented builder that can assist us in our task of creating an enjoyable and well-thought roleplay site.
We plan on including on the roleplay site:

  • A darkmatter reactor, with an observation room and a control room;
  • A particle accelerator (with a control room to select what particles to send, how much energy spent etc - full details will be given once selected);
  • A Z-Virus (zombie virus) sector, with a decontamination chamber and a shelter;
  • A locked down biological testing sector (contaminated and possessing a biological hazard creature);
  • A evacuation area outside the facility.

We’ll select the best builder out of the applicants, so make sure to show us some of your best work. We also expect good communication skills and activity. :slight_smile:


We will paying 12.500 R$ upon completion of the site, and will offer a career on the group once finished (which in turn means you would be able to obtain part of what we earn from the roleplay site), although that will be completely up to the builder.
We have a budget of 100K R$ for marketing and launch (which we plan to obtain the first funding from the roleplay site).

Contact Us

You may contact us through discord. We will ask for your portfolio, and then send you to a temporary discord server where we will compare each applicant’s work and decide who to work with based on talent.

You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading, and we hope to have a good experience working with you! :slight_smile:

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I would love to apply, Here is my portfolio: ItsByskyWrecker: Builder/GUI/Modeler/Landscaper portfolio