CLOSED [1500-3000 Robux] Low Poly Mesher Needed!

Short-term mesh maker needed!

About Us

Hi there! We are Ty Studios and we need a mesher for our game Farmer’s Homestead. We are a new studio and our goal is to create a new experience for players to play on Roblox!

The Team
@TyPlays_YT - Founder, Scripter, etc.
@BlackFerocious - Model Maker
@You! - Mesh Maker

You can see our progress so far here: Farmer's Homestead | Fossils and Leveling 🔨⬆️ - Roblox

About The Job

We are looking for an experienced mesher to make us a car mesh for our game :smile:. We would want a jeep wrangler mesh to be made if possible. This car doesn’t need super detail and we would like a low poly style vehicle. Let us know if you can do this!

Blueprints for the vehicles



We are willing to pay at most 1500 :robux:. We really are saving up to get ad space so we would like a negotiable price depending on how nice the car looks!

Contact Us

Reply to this post and friend me on Discord: TyPlays_YT#1726


I personally wouldn’t model this for under 5k as it is very complex, and will take multiple days. Good luck on your game and finding someone

jeez, raise the money if you gonna want a modeler, its not gonna work very well

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I agree with @ItsFlyFlow and @Y0Kl1. Your set price of 1,500 Robux is simply far too low for a model such as that vehicle. I would highly suggest you raise your price to something more reasonable that fits the complexity of that model.

Ok, I understand that… Thanks!

Alright I agree I set my price higher… I’m short on robux so would you do the 1500 and I script something for you. I really need and want a mesher!

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okay, i guess i could model for you

I may be able to make the mesh for you. Contact me through DMs (I might not be able to get to you until tomorrow) @ flarezhu21#1532

@TyPlays_YT I’ve sent you a friend request through discord.

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