[CLOSED] [200,000 R$] Make various death effects for Eviction Notice!


About Eviction Notice

Eviction Notice is a project led by Repotted and GodzGalaxy expected to release mid to late December. We’ve also made other titles such as Survivor and Big Brother, so you might know us from that :sunglasses:

The Job

We’re looking for someone to create various effects (that will be customizable) when you die. Death effects can (but don’t necessarily have to involve) some knowledge of scripting, particles, and animations.

That being said – you don’t have to have all of those skills to make one. Here’s some examples done with a bit of scripting and particles:

Example 1
Example 2
Example 3


We are paying 10,000 R$ for each effect for up to 20 different ones. Payment will be delivered after seeing the effect but prior to receiving the file for it.

The expected deadline for this is early to mid December so we can get it implemented in time for release.

The deadline is not negotiable, but if you won’t be able to meet it, apply anyway! We’re open to splitting the workload between multiple people, so you won’t have to do everything before the deadline.

Contact Us

You can contact us here by messaging @Repotted or on Discord at Repotted#5719. Please include prior work when messaging, or alternatively you can provide a sample death effect (but please message before doing that).



Would you recommend applying if you’re not sure if you’re up to par with the job or not? I played around with particles back when I made The Lumpiest: 3 but don’t know if i’m up for it


It’s generally a good rule of thumb to apply even if you don’t think you’ll get picked (and not just specifically for this). Best case is that you get the offer, and the only thing you can lose is however long it took to send the message to apply.


Thanks repotted, applied


Oh great Mr, Repotted sir, are the effects scripted on server or client side :open_mouth: (I’m assuming client).

Also Mr Repotted if we decided to script our custom effect for you, would you want a function or a module.


None of the videos play :frowning: , or should I say 55%20PM


This seems like a good project. I might notify you guys.


Server side

Current implementation for the examples listed is in a module, but this can be changed to whatever necessary.

Tried updating the main post with links instead, does that fix it for you?


Yup, works :ok_hand:


I sent you a request on Disc.


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