[CLOSED 2021 Portfolio] R15/R6 Animator

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Hello I have been working on roblox since early 2021 in animation I have been a member of roblox since 2017, I like to create games (it’s a pleasure) I am very polite with the community and , I am very patient (I can wait several months of patience or even a year).

As I said I started at the beginning of 2021 so I have my basics in animations, i know The 12 Principles Of Animation and i don’t use blender yet because I prefer to train first on [Moon Animator], But I have already worked for people who or most of them are not known, so I don’t know who is who, but I used to work for a group called [FutureWeb Games] which is famous.
I also invite you to look at my roblox profile.


I am available almost every day (it all depends on the time zone in your country) when you ask me if I am available I will answer you directly 1 day later or a few hours later or maybe even directly, the maximum is 1 day,

Nobody bothers me, you can contact me any time of your day.


I am not a difficult person about the price so offer me a price directly, the method not to break your head is (group funds) but I also accept payment via paypal (a method that I personally prefer), but does not offer a low price.

– I’m available on discord and also roblox if you don’t have discord
Contact : [DELETED]


Unfortunately, I only put two examples because they are the best. (But I got better because I had done them in March 2021)

Example 1

The first is called (Abduction alien)

Example 2

And the second is called (Electrocution Alien)

More information on my (discord).
Thanks for reading!


Please show past work to increase the convincibility and get more chance of getting hired. Portfolio is looking fresh. Keep up the hard work.

Best Regards

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