[CLOSED - 21K+] Hiring Full-time Advanced Builder & Scripter for SCP game

About Use

Hi there! I’m the founder of [:] Euclid Corporation, a group that’s apart of the SCP Genre and a small upcoming Game Development Team for now! We’re looking for 2 builders, 2 programmers, a modeler and a tester who are willing to join our group and Development Team and to work with us on making a new SCP game!

The Development Team

• | @xXRedFlamyXx - The Administrator/ Builder/ 3D Modeler
• | @K1ir - Animator/ UI Designer

• | @Fresh_Gyro - Builder
• | @Builder - This could be you!

• | @UI Designer - This could be you!

• | @Clothing Designer - This could be you!

• | @Programmer - This could be you!
• | @Superexperiencedguy - Programmer

• | @Shematics - 3D Modeler
• | @jasperv123- 3D Modeler

• | @OminousCreation - Tester

The Job Positions

• | Builders - Building the map.
• | Programmers- Script the doors, Tools, GUI’s, Events, Gun systems… etc
• | UI Designer - Designing the GUI’s.
• | Clothing Designer - Making high quality clothing for the game.
• | 3D Modelers - Creating high quality things such as Doors, Guns, Tools, Armour… etc

About The Job

Were looking for people who are skilled at creating, programming and designing stuff for our up and coming SCP game. We expect high quality builds and excellent Communication skills. We check on the team progress daily and want to keep maintain a healthy and good relationship with all of our team.

Things we would like (Door by @UnknownParabellum)

Example of our game's build style

What we would like it to look like (Builds by @Wichings)

The game is being built by scratch so everything needs to be made, we expect that every has a good idea on what the game should look like.


We will be able to pay you R$3-5K upfront and at the end, as the game gains attraction then you will be rewarded a percentage of the money made.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at: xXRedFlamyXx#0311
You must be 13 years or older to apply.
Our group is: [:] Euclid Corporation - Roblox


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