[Closed] ($25-30 USD) Hiring Short-Term Scripter!


I’m a solo dev who has worked on 2 major groups in the past and have I think 3 years scripting experience, and 4-5 building. I’m now, however, trying to work out creating a game by purchasing a lot of the assets so I don’t get too unmotivated and quit.

The Team:

Hitherto, me.

About The Job:

I’m wanting a spaceship system to be created, and by system I mostly mean rotation/movement.

Movement: A basic forward/backward motion will do. I want it to be mobile and computer compatible, so WASD, and mobile joystick.

Rotation: This is where it got a little messy with me trying to make this system, I want the player to be able to rotate the ship with mouse movement (or finger for mobile!), and I want the camera to follow the ship in a delayed style, to give the feeling of movement. I can explain this better later on if you’re interested, but this should give a good enough idea.

Customization: I have the assets I would like you to use, I just need you to make it so I can replicate the same system across different models. I would also like the ability to change the speed of the ship.

Payment: (The fun stuff)

I’m only willing to pay in USD through PayPal, I can negotiate amount, but as of now, I’m offering $25-$30 USD. I also am willing to pay half up front first, and half after.


You can either contact me by DevForum, or Discord, strike#1417
My current time zone is CDT (CST) as of now.
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading!

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