[CLOSED] 2D artist | evadachi's portfolio

Hello there! I’m evadachi, I make 2d arts and I commission drawings of any avatar/OC. I started playing roblox back in 2013.

I mainly use Procreate and Clip studio for my art. I’ve been drawing for about 6 years and I’ve done commissions on Discord for about two years. However, I’m not a UI graphic designer or a blender user; I just make (profile) icons at the moment. I will be using blender in the foreseeable future.


I’m available for around an hour on week days depending on school, and available from 2PM to 8PM EST on weekends.

Approximate prices

Sketch only = $2 // 200r
Coloured Sketch = $5 // 500r
Lineart only = $10 // 1000r
Flat colour = $12 // 1200r
Shaded colour = $15 // 1500r

Half body:
Sketch only = $4 // 400r
Coloured Sketch = $6 // 600r
Lineart only = $10 // 1000r
Flat colour = $16 // 1600r
Shaded colour = $20 // 2000r

Full body:
Sketch only = $5 // 500r
Flat colour sketch = $10 //1200r
Lineart only = $15 //1500r
Flat colour = $20 // 2000r
Shaded colour = $25 // 2500r

I accept USD through Paypal and Robux through gamepass.

Price will vary depending on:

  • number of figures
  • custom backgrounds
  • a drawn version of your character/a picture of your avatar(s)
  • complexity
    If you want any other type of linework or coloring style, lmk

  1. Payment expected within 48 hours
  2. Artwork cannot be claimed as your own
  3. To avoid scamming, you are expected to pay after the sketch is shown
  4. If anything is wrong with the artwork, please tell me so I can fix it to your liking (no last minute drastic changes)
  5. I cannot do refunds
  6. I have a right to cancel any order.
  7. Please provide a reference or coherent description of what you want drawn

My commissions are for personal use only. You cannot use my art for financial gain or to profit from them. I do not do commercial commissions so please look elsewhere. Never claim my art as your own and always credit back to me if posted anywhere.

I cannot draw:

  • mecha
  • complex anthropomorphism/furries
  • monsters (depending on complexity)
  • NSFW/Gore; basically anything violating Roblox TOS

image → apryle#1208 / .Eva#4376

If you have any feedback, please let me know.


Those art-works looks so cute! I just have no words.

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