[CLOSED- 2k + %] Light Blue Studio Is Looking For A Long Term UI Designer


Hello! I am CommandoX9 (Alias - TakeThisTaco), I am currently the Community Manager and Developer at Light Blue Studio. We are in the development of a new simulator type game. Where you swing your sword to progress to better swords etc.


We are in need of a UI Designer

  • Must Be 13+
  • Must Have Discord
  • We expect daily (3 - 4 a week) communication between the developers
  • We expect you to import the UI into Roblox (our game)
  • Portfolio or Images (That you can show proof that’s it’s yours) of your recent work before you even contact us
  • 1+ Years Of UI Design

(We have the right to cancel at any time if things do not work out)


You will be paid 1 - 2k Robux after the release of the game and then a percentage from then on. We currently have 8k - 10k Robux to push towards ads.


If you think you are the right person for this job, please DM me on Discord to apply.

Discord - TakeThisTaco#8042

The Team

TakeThisTaco - GFX/Community Manager
tqtional - Owner/Investor
Exodia - Scripter/Head Dev (1)
itslrenic - 3D Modeler
6sham - Builder/ Head Dev (2)
Preciouspups - Backup Scripter

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