(Closed) 2nd Scripter needed

About us

Hard or Easy? Studios is a small and upcoming devlopment group hoping to climb up the ranks slowy and make some amazing games (The name was in honor of my first game). We are look for denicated Devs to build and inavate with the group long term. Who are willing to grow as a dev in Roblox and make some Robux doing it.


@Madden21fan - Ui and Project Manager 20%
@DarkPixlz - Scripter 15%
@CouldBeYou - Scripter 15%
@Doguinnnn - Builder 20%
30% Back into the group for Ads and Other things like this

*These % are for Group Funds meaning when I make shirts as I plan to do you will recive those as well

What we expect

We expect you to be passiote and denicated to this group. We expect you to be you to do your work on time as well and much other things which will be stated throughout the post. We expect you to be willing to create and inavote for years to come.


Provide a profile or pastworks. Be able to have a somewhat advanced knowledge of Scripting or be willing to get there. They also must be willing to learn as well this point is empasitised because it is very important. All I ask is you didn’t start yesterday you must have some experience in Devolping.

What I will do (Madden21fan)

I will be the manger of the group and guiding you through making the game. Also once the game is done (or at whatever place we chose) and we decide on a theme and color scheme I will make the UI. Then from the made UI the scripter is expected to script it.


Our first project will be a small project that will work with our strenghs. I have lots of ideas so its completely up to what you want. I plan on doing many projects though. For a starter I was thinking simulator but we don’t have to. If you want to hear my ideas Contact me but trust me theres like over 100 ideas in my head so were good. Like I said we want to work to your strenghts.


This is a big downfall to the job due for some odd reason I cant use discord for the time being. Don’t know how long this will be for but I would expect a while. For this reason we will use DevForum as a main form of communictaion which means you should be active on it. This won’t be as big of a downside as it sounds trust me we can over come it.

How you will work

I will asign weekly tasks for you to complte as we finish projects. We will probaly have “Weekly meetings” to catch up and see how each other are doing. We also will release games in the “Beta” stage. I would expect you to check DevForum daily so you know updates on game progress, work and other things.


Contact me here on devforum showing a profile and/or past works. Also please be professial. It would be nice have great communication skills via writing (Since we dont use discord). I will responed within 24 hours. I also expect you to respond within 24 hours.


The whole point is to learn and devolp as devolpers. I expect us all to have fun and enjoy and of course make some Robux doing so. This should not take up that much of your time and I don’t expect it too. I just really hope we can have so much fun. Just to be clear you are joining the Group Long Term for many games.

*Please Use the Poll it helps me understand intersted level

Interst Level
  • Not Intersded :no_entry_sign:
  • Maybe :thinking: (I would like you to message me I have some questions)
  • Intersted :smiley: (I will message you or you can message me)

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Thank You for Reading
Hope To be working on projects with you


*We have started Devolpment on a game


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