[Closed - $300 USD] GoldStar Games is hiring a Programmer

Hiring A Scripter (Long term / Short Term)

About The Job
We’re looking for a programmer who is able to code organized and efficient scripts that are easily adaptable across multiple projects. You must have a decent understanding of Roblox’s API and have experience developing games on Roblox, with examples of previous work.

While our goal is to find a long-term coder who can help release several games with us, we are open to short-term contracted work. Payment is dependent on your own preference. We can negotiate further in direct messages.

Please do not make big promises and withdraw after 3 days. We would want a lot of your focus for our project(s).

About Us
GoldStar Games was founded on 7/20/20 and aims to produce fun games for everyone to enjoy! We have already published a game, and are looking for someone to join our team who is communicative, motivated, can write organized code, and is experienced in Roblox game development.

Payment Options:
USD: $250-300
Percentage: 10-15%

Contact Us
Contact me via Discord | Please have a developer portfolio ready!

PST, EST, CST timezones are preferred but not required.

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