[CLOSED, 36%] Dominus Studios is Looking for Scripter!

About Usđź“ś

We are Dominus Studios, game development team founded by @FlameDevRBX . We’re developing game “Shattering Simulator”. Looking forward to see you in game!

About The Job✨

As I said we are working on game “Shattering Simulator”. Everything in game is done with building/modeling, designs, user interface and more. We are looking for scripter, scripter have to script whole game(Pet System,Shops,KOTH,Flags,Chest Rewards,Leaderboards, etc.) and work on updates!

Pictures of the game :camera:


We are giving 36% to scripter of the revenue of the game! (40k is gonna be putted in ads and we have youtubers for videos!)

Contact Usđź“ž

If you are interested you can contact me on Discord!
Discord: Flame Dev#0369

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


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