[Closed] 3D Modeler Needed

Hey everyone!

Pixelgrid is and upcoming game studio, and we’re looking for a talented 3D modeler to join the team to help us create great content!

The Job

Your job will be to efficiently design and create maps and various props in a cartoony style. Each map should be roughly 700x700 studs in size, fit ~20 players and have a memorable design. Each prop should be in the same cartoony style as the map, and usually will be relatively simple in design.

The Pay

You’ll be paid after each map is done, and after each prop is done. We can pay you $40 per map, and there are 7 maps needed for right now (possibly more needed in the future, you’ll be paid for those too if needed) and $2 - $5 for each prop and roughly 30 props are needed for now.


If you’re interested, add me on Discord gillern#9091 or DM me on Twitter @gillernGames

Do you have an estimated time frame of this project?

The goal is to have it finished before March, but quality is a priority so if it takes a little longer that’s ok

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