[CLOSED] 3D Modeler - Russian Military Gear

Hello, little about myself and my project, I am Nautium; currently working on a russian military role play group seeking to be the best of its kind with many activity to keep the community busy and excited.

The Job

I am looking for a 3D Modeler to model some gear in blender, If possible with textures as well, but that does not bother me too much, I will give example reference pictures once commisioned,
Gear includes items such as:

  • Helmets
  • Vests
  • Goggles

More information will be provided upon taking the job.


You will be payed via group funds, price will be negotiated via contacts.


  • Confident 3D Modeling
  • 13+
  • Fast Completion


Contact me @Nautium

  • Discord: Naut#9040
  • Via Replaying to this topic.

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