[CLOSED] 4+ Years Scripting Experience for hire

About Me

I am offering Programming/Scripting Service, I have 4+ Years of Lua experience and have basically Scripted on average 32 hours a week or more for 3 to 4 Years. I am 17, and really have some decent time on my hands. I am former owner of 1 group, and current owner of another. The largest Community I had, had gotten over 5,000 members. I am currently starting up a new Community. I am currently working on my own game, so as long as I am not busy working on it at the time I am willing to help anyone out with Bugfixing, adding a Feature, or etc. This is my first Devforum post so if anything is wrong please let me know, I appreciate it!


You can view a bit of my work here: https://www.roblox.com/games/6208625889/Nuke-Testing-Place

Here are some showcases of my work


I am available to work any day (as long as I am not busy) except for Saturday’s.


Prices are negotiable, I prefer one-time Duties. I Prefer USD via Paypal, but I may accept Robux.


You can contact me by Replying to this Developer Forum and adding my Discord Jackal#3733

If I am busy please be patient! And let me know if this Post is improper or incorrect, I appreciate it and thanks!


Your nuke testing place isn’t public, did you know that?