[CLOSED] [40% of Profits] Hoodlums - Lead Scripter needed to finish game

Hey guys, Hoodlums is in need of a COMMITTED long term scripter who is willing to finish the game and aid in dishing out future updates for as long as it stays alive (lol).


Oahu Labs is a development studio that was founded by @dragonfrosting and I after realizing we were the only Roblox developers currently living in Hawaii.

Our main focus is to create awesome and entertaining games that spread the aloha all over the world using this amazing platform.


Hoodlums is a small (for now) open world street-like roleplay simulation, where players are able to grind their way to the top, acquiring allies, leading their own crew/joining other crews, doing whatever it takes to get ahead in their personal empire.

Players will be able to steal furniture, rob knocked out players, rob stores, and rob safes. These are just some of the ways they will be able to earn cash.

Players will also be able to acquire briefcases to receive game-exclusive masks/hats, each with their own rarity value.

Over all things, we want to emphasize on creating an environment where players are able to hangout and chill with their friends.

GAME LINK (closed): Hoodlums [LAWMEN!] 👮 - Roblox


GOOD COMMUNICATION SKILLS is a much needed trait for the job, we have a trello and development Discord where you will be able to track progress and receive quick and thorough feedback about your product. You must use Discord to communicate, and you must use trello to check for work.

YOUR TRACK RECORD will probably be the bread and butter of your application. We are generally looking for individuals who have had a history of successfully completing projects, regardless of their success (but that’s good too :slight_smile: ). Hoodlums has gone through too many delays, and at this point I’m mostly concerned with hiring someone who is passionate enough to get the game done and released.

ADVANCED SCRIPTING KNOWLEDGE is not required but will separate you from the dime-a-dozen programmer, how easily you are able to complete most tasks will make you very efficient scripter, and I love efficiency :heart_eyes:.

(Please note that this is only a general list of what needs to be done and more items will be added as ideas are agreed upon together. I am also not a scripter so I may sound like a big idiot when listing these things lol.)

What Needs to be done, issa long list
  • Datastores
  • Melee and Ranged Weaponry
  • Ragdoll when Knocked Out
  • Drag or Pickup Ragdolled Players
  • Rob Ragdolled Players
  • Rob Store Registers
  • Briefcase Cosmetic Randomizer (lootcrate mechanic)
  • Player Exp. and Level Algorithm
  • Crew Exp. and Level Algorithm
  • Immediate Crew Data Updates Across All Servers
  • Player Arsenal
  • Gun and Stash Shop
  • Knockout Meter
  • Probably more, but it’s 5:30AM and I can’t think straight.

GOOD NEWS is that you only have to focus on making the game functional, since all assets are made and the map is fully built, and you are able to make a request for animations and our in-house animator will get it done, same goes for UI and any 3D Model needed.

You will not have to worry about delays in progress, since all other development for the game is pretty much taken care of.


Oh yea, I know this is the tab you scrolled to first, don’t say it wasn’t (lol jk).

I’m offering a conditional 40% of the game’s profits. Why do I say conditional? As long as you are continuously working on the game, rolling out updates, and constantly making things functional, you will receive the percentage.

Don’t overthink it, it simply comes down to activity. Frankly, I’m tired of delaying this game any further and I want to provide an incentive to avoid that.

I am also willing to provide payment in USD via PayPal after completion of work, this price can be discussed, but is not a guarantee whatsoever.

Refer to edit down below.


If you’re interested in the position, please DM me @JamienChee, and provide links to previous work. Feel free add the discord of individuals you’ve worked with/for, as I might contact them regarding your work ethic.

I also highly recommend that you provide all your capabilities in your application. For example, if you’re able to create animations in the event our in-house animator is unable to accomplish the job at the moment, that’d be awesome.

Discord: Jamien#1999 (you can message me here as well)

If you have any inquiries, reply below!

Edit: I’ve been receiving feedback concerning the 40% percentage and this can easily be upgraded to a max of 50% of revenue as long as commitment and work consistency shown towards the game. That’s the beauty of conditional percentage.

This amount will never decrease once increased, so you won’t have to worry about being cheated.

I was also asked if I’m willing to provide upfront payment after completion of work, and the quick answer is yes. This amount can be negotiated, whatever it takes for you to complete the project efficiently, I’d love to provide such an incentive.


Who else is working on the game? As I think 40% is quite low for a full time scripter that has to work on updates for life.


It sounds like they have a full team. I really doubt the programmer needs more than 40%, seeing as that is more pay than anyone else is getting on the team, based on assumption.

So, I’ve been getting some feedback regarding the percentage, and I can easily change it to a 50/50 split between the scripter and I, as long as they show commitment to the game. That’s the beauty of conditional percentage.

The profit split can go up, but it will never go down, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Everyone working on the game, except for myself, is commissioned. The models, UI, animations, etc., that they provide are paid per service using USD via PayPal.

The only profit split would be between, the creator of the game (me), and the scripter.

What if the game totally bombs? Then I’ve wasted my time scripting all this.

(The game does sound like fun though)

That’s a risk every developer takes when promised percentage, I am also willing to offer USD via PayPal upon completion, this amount is negotiable.

I’ve properly hyped up the game enough and marketed it to Roblox Admins and many individuals on Twitter, there are many people excited for the product.

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Probably going to close this offer within the next 24 hours.

I have made the decision to allow interested applicants to explore the game freely, all you have to do is join the group.

GAME LINK: https://www.roblox.com/games/1316168552/Hoodlums-EARLY-ACCESS#!/about

(Again, please note that this is a WIP and any scripts currently in the game can be rewritten or re-used, the status of this game was the previous scripter’s responsibility)

Are there any positions available for a music composer?

I haven’t thought about ever needing a composer, primarily because there are boomboxes that players use to input IDs to play songs in-game.

However, I appreciate your interest, thanks for inquiring about that.

This offer has been closed and I have contacted the most qualified applicant, thanks for your interest, everyone!

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