[CLOSED] $400+ looking for Scripters/UI Designer!

About Us
We are The Galactic Empire, a small upcoming group within the star wars genre . We’re looking for Scripters who are willing to join our development team and work with us on our upcoming game, “Byss”!

The Team
@ Dohvons - Group Owner / Environmental Artist
@GreysonSpark - Scripter
@Nero_West - Sponsor / Investor

You can see some of our progress here: https://discord.gg/yDwcHsn

About The Job
We are looking for 2 professional Scripters to create a few things such as, Gun system with raycast, credit system, datastore, corpse looting, inventory system, food & hunger system, etc, we’re working on bringing a very unique experience to the genre and you being here would be great. We are also looking for a UI Designer to crate these UIs for us.

We are paying in USD based off work done.

Contact Us
You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Discord; Dohvon#0729 or Cold Demon#1960

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