[CLOSED] 400$ USD Promotion Budget - Car Modeler needed for small/medium scale stunt racing game

Modeler Position at Torke Software

About me
Hi, my name is Simón, I’m a new and aspiring game designer. I am a nice guy (I think XD). Anyways, in game design I want to follow some ethical minimums such as no predatory practices and no pay to win, even if this may result in a slight reduction of profits. If you are an “Ethical” developer, you might like to join in.

The team
Me - ProjectManager+Investor
@baluga - Scripter
@6QL4 - Builder
(EMPTY) - Modeler

About the Job
I am looking for a 3D modeler who is looking to gain experience and complete a project. A multiplayer stunt racing game. The main job of the role would be to make some car models that take inspiration from real life cars. In addition to this, I would also want some modified versions of these cars for skins, such as with additional air intakes or larger spoilers. The cars should be medium poly, about 9k polygons, without interior and with wheels. (This would of course depend on type of car)

The approximate amount would be:

-8 full cars

The objective would be to finish by the end of this month, so no specific time per day, but whatever you need to finish.


  • Some experience in 3D modelling software like blender and some way to prove it

Nice to haves

  • Efficient polygon use, since the game should be compatible with mobiles

  • Just being a nice guy

  • Interest in cars

My preferred method of payment would be a percentage, this could fall between 20-30%. However, if you are not comfortable with this you can also contact and we can try to reach an agreement with other methods. The game promotion would be paid and managed by me. The percentage is highly negotiable and dependent on experience, don’t hesitate to contact me to get more information.

You can contact me through the developer forum, or discord “SaymonKSP#3292” whichever you prefer

P.S.Really, don’t hesitate to contact for more information, you won’t lose anything

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