[CLOSED] $4000 USD+ Ice Creams is Hiring General Programmers

About Us

We are a small group backed by a Denmark company for funding. We all have an EST timezone.

I personally work as a manager and builder of our group. I have extensive experience with Roblox coding so you will be able to come to me if you get stuck or have any scripting related questions. I may even work on the scripting side of things with you in the future :smile:. As of now, I’m simply here to monitor your work and keep you on the right track in your development journey.

About The Job

Our game Ice Creams is somewhat similar to My Restaurant, except with ice cream and travel. Players can travel the world and setup their ice cream stands wherever they choose. As they get more money, they can travel to better places and make even more!

We expect daily progress updates (even if you don’t do anything that day, just let us know!). We highly value communication so we know exactly what is going on and can get a grasp of the situation, adjusting accordingly.

We hope to find long term developers experienced with OOP, if you’re sending an application we recommend you do your best to show us your knowledge in that area. Well written code is very valuable, we hope you prioritize quality over quantity.

Your tasks may include things such as creating a randomized ai system to go to each shop or coding an inventory.

Here is what our build style looks like if you’re curious:


We are willing to pay 4000 USD for your programming which will be sent to you via Paypal’s invoice system, we will pay per-task and on completion.There is a lot of potential to make a lot of money in a short time if you are able to knock out tasks quickly. Keep in mind I know if code is written well or not, so depending on the quality we will be paying more.

If you believe you’re very skilled and can bring a lot to the table, we are willing to negotiate privately and get a number we can both agree on.

Contact Us

To apply, fill out the following application:

If you want to contact me privately, message me here on the dev forums.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Sent in my application for the position. :slight_smile:

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Still have a spot open, mainly looking for someone familiar with metatables and experienced with oop. I recommend providing snippets of your code in the form or once I contact you. We are also very friendly so don’t worry about asking questions! :slight_smile:

Hello! I have submitted my application!

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Highly interested,
Sent in my application. Thanks for the opportunity.


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Sent in an application just now! Looking forward to hearing from you guys.

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