[Closed] [$4000 USD/month | Full Time] Nova Corporation is hiring a General Programmer

About the team

Hey! We’re the small team of developers responsible for the Nova Corporation roblox group, focused on roleplay. We’ve achieved major milestones over our couse of just a year of existence, having reached over 220k members and having 3 games in the top 1000 by gameplay time.

Until this date, this has always been our team:
@MetatableIndex - Programmer / Composer
@EntropicLocality - GFX Designer / 3D Modeler / Misc Builder
@ExecutiveFunds - Builder / Misc 3D Modeler

However, as our games grow (and consequentially the group), we desire to expand. We’ve got large ambitions for 2021, and they would be impossible with a team as small as ours. Although we have plenty of contractors, three full time developers can only do so much.
For this reason, we’re looking for a General Programmer that could join us in our journey, and be a full time developer.

What we’re looking for

We are looking for someone who knows the ins and outs of Roblox development, meaning you must be very familiar with the Roblox API, Lua, and other core programming fundamentals such as OOP.

We expect you to be able to adapt, organize your code, keep it clean and readable, and be as performant and efficient as possible. You should be able to familiarize yourself with our work methods, and you should be able to get your way through unfamiliar code and learn to adjust it and write on it.

You must have good communication skills, as you will be required to be very active on Discord. We organize ourselves through Discord, so it is a requirement to be able to use it and use voice chat.
You must also be able to engage with the community, adjust to the community’s rules, and be a role model to the community.

Our scripts work under our private scripting framework Delta, which you will be expected to work with for all your scripts.

You should be able to work in a team and use Team Create to collaborate with our developers.

Since this is a full time job, you are expected to be very active. We’re looking for at least 30 hours a week dedicated to development for the group.


We are offering a rate of $4000 USD a month in the robux form, meaning you should be looking at a payout of 1142857 R$ through group funds every month. Additionally, we could also do bank wire instead of robux payouts given that would work better for you.

Important note

You will be presented with a contract for this job. If you are under 18, you will require your legal guardian’s permission and signature.

Contact Us

You can contact us through discord DMs. realmaster42#9088
Make sure to mention you’re applying for the General Programmer spot as per the devforum post. When you DM, make sure to also include your portfolio and examples of your scripting.

This is a contracted position. You need to be 18+ years old or be 13+ and have your legal guardian sign in order to apply.

Applications for this spot close at the 1st of October 2020.

Thanks for your attention. :slight_smile:


I’m not a scripter but do you need any building help?

If yes I would do it for idk 100k a month

Here’s my discord Fire#2484
Have a good day

Is the pay negotiable for a higher value depending on the produce? I did some calculations and I ended up seeing that the rate of pay is 8 dollars lower than minimum wage for my country, currency conversion not accounted for (I did not factor in the USD -> CAD conversion).

Additionally, are you able to offer a different method of payment that isn’t Robux? DevEx isn’t guaranteed to process, meaning that the funds earned from working on this project could be completely nulled if the request is rejected and thus only have value on Roblox but not in reality. For instance, I would prefer to receive such funding through PayPal.

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Yes! The pay is negotiable. $4000 is the base line. Depending on the quality and amount of the content produced, this number could increase.

As for the payment method, we could also use bank wire as a method, if that would work with you. Robux payouts is just the easier option, but does not have to be the only option. We probably wouldn’t do PayPal because of the taxes it has though.


Hello, I am interested, but I am not over the age of 18, nor will my parents agree to sign an contract, is there a way I can get paid via robux?

I don’t know about the contract but, as much as I know after reading they said $4000 a month in robux form and also through group funds, so it obviously means via Robux.

4000 USD a month, not robux.

CLARIFICATION: I am over 13, but not over 18.

This position requires a legal contract. As such, you would need your legal guardian’s signature to be accepted into the spot.

I added you on discord, add me back BoI#6621

helo this look very nice job operatunity can me is hire : D

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Hi, I’m interesed, going to DM you, I don’t have lot of experience but I have, DoryShelby0 #3174

We are closing applications for this spot on the 1st of October (in 5 days), if you wish to apply, do it before October 1st.

  • Entropic - GFX Designer / 3D Modeler / Misc Builder
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Hello I am very interested in programming position I sent a dm with my portfolio.

Applications for this offer are now closed. Thanks to everyone who’s applied! We will review applications soon.


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