[CLOSED] [$5 - $10 USD] Hiring someone to make a loading sprite



Hey all, Ted Here.

Let me get right to the butter.

I need someone who knows how to make Sprites on ROBLOX. I have made a picture in photoshop, it’s simply just text. I am making a game and I would like if it could do some sort of loading kind of thing. Here is a sketch of this:

Hopefully my handwriting is not bad. But basically what I want is I want the text, “ROME” to fill up from the bottom to top with a lighter red color. Scripting is not needed, we just need the Sprite.

I will pay $5-$10 USD via Paypal.

If you are interested in making this, DM me on discord: Ted#3573


You should negate the text on a white background, that way the text is transparent, the background can be changed with ImageColor3, then you can tween a frame in the back (with a lower ZIndex).


If needed I could make a video tutorial for it. :man_shrugging:
Not sure if that would help, also if it is too confusing and you’d rather just pay someone then I’d be glad to help.


Hey there,

Yeah I saw this on your YouTube and I’ve started to think about it and who could do it. I haven’t found anyone yet but just so you know I’m finishing someone.