Hello! I am Alex. Here’s my recent Roblox render using Cinema 4D and please do show interest to this opportunity to help me with my Rendering skills… First 5 people only. :smile:

Please state your likings-
Background (eg. Color, Hotel)
Text (eg. Joe’s Cafe)
Props (eg. Coffee)
Characters/Username (Max. 2 pax)

Discord - Taurveno#5253
That will be it! Thank you! I will be opening commisions in the future. :blush:


Background - red gradient

Text - Waffle Studios

Props - waffles

Character - Current avatar

Discord - DiddlestickLover#3589

Thanks for doing this! :grin:

Hello! May i know, where i can send the Photo? Thanks!

Hi, I wouldn’t mind having a render of me and my friend

Background: Preferably a grassy field, if it isn’t possible, anything involving a bright sunny afternoon would be great.
Text: Not needed
Props: A laptop on my lap
Usernames: oshawottice / masterlogan222

Sir, you are a great man for doing this

P.S. If you wanted my discord, it’s icyblocks#6666 (I know, cursed)

Hello! May i know where to send you the photo? Thx!

Yup, I just edited my message since I forgot to add my discord

Thats just a render. Like comon make more effort man. You litterally cannot call this a gfx because its just a render. And the lighting is completely horrible. Sorry but I do not think this is gfx. You should try to Improve

I wouldn’t put this on Cool Creations. Instead, put in on Collaberation and portfolios.

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It’s my first week of rendering though, I’ll try to improve. thank you for the advice!

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Sorry! I’m new at DevForum but thank you!


np! keep it up you will be great!!