[CLOSED] [50 - 100 R$] Site-58 Hiring Talented Scripters

About Us

We are a group that is currently developing an SCP game called Site-58. We currently have 36 members and 9 developers. It would be greatly appreciated if you helped us.

About The Job

We are currently looking for 0/5 talented scripters. You will be in charge of doing the following.

• Scripting doors(involves tweening)
• Scripting SCPs
• Scripting working guns
• Scripting teams configuration(Specific outfits for teams, items for specific teams, specific 3D clothing on teams)
• Picking up dropped items system
• Some teams can’t damage other teams


• Must be able to do 4/6 of the things listed(Required)
• 3 Years of scripting experience
• Must be active
• Must know the SCP foundation(Required)
• Must be able to have 3/5 of the requirements and all that are labeled required

If you don’t have to have all the requirements.


Depending on how well you do you will be payed 50 - 100 R$. Your first job you will be payed but maybe not all of them.

NOTICE: If you think the payment is way to small please don’t contact me I already know it’s small it’s the best I can do.

Contact Us

You can contact me on Discord or simply just add me on Roblox.

Discord: Hirokei#1522
Roblox: IFxkiI

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