[CLOSED] [50$-150$ USD] Hiring Multi-use Scripter

About Us

Hello! we are [voyage] studios currently working on an RPG game set in the lore of Arcane Adventures. Our company has been working hard for this game and nearly to the point of release to the public, however we are looking for a experienced capable scripter to do a few simple tasks that will allow us to further release the game. Our team consists of a very highly experienced builder and an investment team which is supporting us throughout the project.

@AngryPhoenixx - Builder
@AttilioJuliusCaesar - Multiuse Scritper/GFX
@FaithDoesntLie - Investor
@BarbieBankz - Investor

About The Job

We are looking for a professional multiuse scripter and modeller (Modeller for the Magic) to help do the finishing touches of the game. We already have the mainframe of the game and scripts that need to be edited, we also need to have magic abilities completed preferably 4 elements. The building of the game is nearly done and all we need to focus on now is the scripting aspects. What needs to be done is the character creation in the main menu/choosing your element and editing the main framework while also scripting a few other details on the way.


If you are a person to do the magic abilities and scripting we would pay 150$ USD and a possible revenue once the game is released, however if you would like to do the magic abilities only we would pay 50$ USD, if you would like to script the game only we would pay $100 USD.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via discord: AttilioCaesaris#6044

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


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