(CLOSED) 500$ USD, Need a vehicle scripter

In need of chassis for helicopters, planes, boats, and ground vehicles (cars/tanks).
Hopefully, utilizing body movers or constraints. Whatever you’re comfortable using.
If you need a reference point, look at the Jailbreak vehicles. They’re very simple to understand and use.
Please keep in mind that when you script this I will be adding weapons on IN THE FUTURE.


$125 USD for helicopter chassis.
$90 USD for jet chassis.
$85 USD for boat chassis.
$125 USD for car chasis.
$75 USD for tank chassis.

GUI elements:

  • All of these vehicles need to have a GUI joystick or wheel to more accurately control the vehicles.
  • There needs to be a speed, height, and directional portion of the GUI. Any relevant information to the player really.

Movement, Cinematic stuff:

  • A billboard GUI prompt that appears when you’re next to the vehicle. “Press E to enter.”

  • Multiple ways to drive; Following the mouse, Gui Wheel/Joystick, or WASD. Perhaps in lieu of that just have a GUI slider for sensitivity and use WASD.

  • Wheels need to turn with the direction of the vehicle, helicopter blades need to rotate when on, vehicles need to physically turn in the direction they’re moving.

  • Boats need to bounce every so often, simulating going through waves.

  • Need to be a slight delay on the vehicles when turning the wheel/rotor/motor.

  • Camera Shaking when in a vehicle. When the vehicle makes movements it shakes a bit more than normal for a second then stops.

  • Camera Shaking when outside of a vehicle. I.e. When near the base of a helicopter the camera shakes a bit, but the further away you are it gets less severe. For cars or boats you need to be pretty close to get any camera shaking.

  • Particle effects for planes when you get past a certain height.

  • Particle effects for boats simulating the boat moving through water.

  • Particle effects for tires on ground vehicles. Color of the particle is dependent on the color of the surface it’s driving on.

Health System:

  • Vehicles get auto repaired when near certain bricks and not moving. Vehicles can get repaired 2x as fast if a player gets out and repairs it manually.
  • Each element of the vehicle will have its own health. Tires, engine, rotors, motors, etc.
  • Depending on what part of the vehicle gets destroyed another event should occur.
    i.e. Should the main rotors of a helicopter get destroyed, the helicopter just free falls and explodes, killing everyone onboard. Should only the back rotors get taken out, then it enters into a freefall and if it doesn’t start spinning too fast, it’ll only take out 50-75 health from the players onboard. We can discuss this more in depth later.


  • Vehicles have a certain amount of fuel that gets used up during movement and idling of the vehicle.
  • Idling does not use as much fuel, the faster you go the more fuel you use.
  • Vehicles have a ‘boost’ that when used speeds up the vehicle tremendously, but uses up 2x the amount of fuel during this ‘boost’.
  • Refueling the vehicle is done by stopping the vehicle near a ‘refuel’ point. When a vehicle gets low on fuel, billboard GUIs pop up for the driver and passengers indicating where refuel points are. If too far away, the station will give out a tool that can be deposited on the vehicle and refuel it manually.

Regeneration Script:

  • Vehicles need to be regenerated properly.
    I just need a basic regeneration script that I’ll implement into a vehicle shop later on. You can make this into something you just walk over and the vehicle regenerates without any problems in functionality.

Thanks for your time.
If you’re interested contact me on Discord at Shepherd2597 #4572 or here in a DM.


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