[CLOSED] [5,000 - 10,000R$] Heisters is looking for an Experienced Web-Developer

Web-Developer Hiring

Who are we?

Greetings I’m Synthesz, Administrator and representative of Heisters. A brand new upcoming game by TheCactusBois releasing this Summer 2021! Heisters is a game greatly inspired by the open Cops & Robbers genre world. Despite its constantly repeated style/game idea all over the platform, Heisters offers a new look into prison games due to its tropical, modern and sleek approach. This project has been in the work since early January 2020

The Team

@UwaisPlayz - Lead Builder/Lead Developer

@piggy313 - Lead Programmer

@UltraIsNotThis - Lead Manager

@MrSmiles760 - Manager

@Synthesz - Administrator

@0Galaxify - Administrator

And our lovely community and supporters :heart:

Our progress can be seen via our following Twitter account @TheCactusBois. Don’t hesitate to also join our discord server where leaks might drop earlier!

About The Job

We’re looking for an experienced and professional Web-Developer who is able to make custom animations and follow simple or averagely complex tasks as well as custom ticket/support system. A Trello board has been made concerning the job if you’re interested. More information will be given upon contacting. Trello

Please do not use templates and know that we will need the final code for every section. Make sure to organize everything. Images/Assets will be provided by me:slight_smile:


We are willing to pay between 5,000 to 10,000 Robux with tax included. Unfortunately we cannot pay more as of now so we hope that this is enough. If you think that this is not a good pay for you please let us know what would a more appealing price.

Contact Us

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Twitter at: https://twitter.com/SynthRB and on discord at Synth#6347. Make sure to join the discord server once again or leave a comment by this area as you can’t add me as a friend. I will be the one sending the friend request.

You must be at least 15 years or older to apply.

Looking further into working with you!

-Heisters Team

logo on copyright under @heistersgame


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