[CLOSED] 5000 USD / 1.4m Rs for Experienced Scripter [Small Speed Run 4 Update]


Two new types of ‘items’ to be scripted into Speed Run 4 (i.e. a current item type is particle trails)
Some reorganization of current UI. Two new menus need to be created, does not need to look pretty.
Exact details will be explained in private. My time estimate for the work load: 1 week if you are fully dedicated, or 2 - 3 weeks if you take your time.

Additional Info

Looking only for experienced scripters
We’ll agree to a timeline, and if it isn’t met we’ll have to part ways. Rights of the game and it’s content will always remain only mine.


Payment is on completion. 5000 USD or 1.4 million Robux


If you are interested, please reply to this thread and I will PM you, or PM me. I’ll update this thread once I’ve closed a deal with someone.

Thanks for reading


Sent you a message, can’t wait to hear back.


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I’m available and I’d be happy to take the job, just let me know!

A bit confused as to why “Small Update” and “1.4 Million Robux” are in the same sentence. Good luck to all the scripters applying anyhow!


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