[CLOSED 50k+ negotiable] Low pol

"Low Poly" Buildings

About The Job

I’m looking for a builder who can build in a style similar to the building style shown below(from unturned) that works only with unions/parts and not blender. Doorframe outlines and wall thickness should be consistent between buildings. More details will be provided upon acceptance.


I’ll need around 20 buildings of various sizes(most will be rural and 1 story) and some trees. Reference pictures will be given.
It would be great if you could have this done within 2 weeks.


50K robux upon completion. My preferred payment method is through group funds.
Open to negotiation if this isn’t enough.

My Background

I was the scripter of a few games including Jetpack Wars, Airsoft V3, and Airsoft V2

Contact Us

Discord: Building (so I can receive your DMs)
DM i_eetANts once you join the server with past low poly buildings you built or if you think you can do this task easily.

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