[CLOSED 50K Robux] Tycoon Developer (Scripting + Building)

Hey, I’m Robjective and I’m an Owner of an upcoming studio named ForestlyGames.

Project Name: Tycoon EP

We are looking to hire a developer who can Build and Script and tycoon for us in 1-3 weeks. (Could be done in a few days)

The developer will be paid 50K on completion of the game.

We allow the use of a tycoon kit, but builds must be customized and there will be some additional things added to the traditional tycoon idea.

Requires ability to make saving, movement, stat management, and monetization systems.

To apply, please join this discord server (ForestlyDevs [UNDER REVAMP]) and then head to the #hiring-info channel. React to make your application and follow the steps.

Thank you!

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