[CLOSED] [60k+] Looking for a Low Poly builder

Timeless Trampoline Park Project

About Us

Hello there, we’re looking to hire an advanced low poly builder that can help develop our upcoming game for our group called “Timeless Trampoline Park”, this is a trampoline park based group on the platform that we hope to bring to a higher standard in the future with good assets in our hands alongside a well developed game.

The Team
@imspencurr - Project Manager
@Jirthes - Project Manager
@Auranie - Project Manager
@kingerman88 - Scripter/UI designer

About The Job

We are looking for a low poly builder to join our team and help build our next project, this project will be a trampoline park based game. This position will be a commission not a long-term position unless we decide otherwise.

The game should consist of assets that help bring attraction to a mid-range age group, and should blend in well to fit the group theme using colour schemes that we provide you with.


Our budget is 60,000-80,000 ROBUX, although depending on the quality of the build we could look into going higher. If you’d prefer USD, we can negotiate a price around that.


  • Must be 13 or over
  • Must have an established portfolio
  • Must have some type of past experience prior to this project
  • Must be able to send updates whenever possible to ensure we’re aware of what’s going on
  • Must be able to comply with our terms

Contact Us

If you’re interested in this position & have a good portfolio you’re willing to share with us, please contact @imspencurr via Discord: spencurr#0001 or you can contact me on the DevFroum.

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