[CLOSED| 75,000 FUNDS] Recruiting Professional Scripter

About The Job

Im searching for a scripter who works well with people, is active, and knows what they are doing. Im creating a simulator, I don’t want to disclose much but If you’re interested in the job please contact me. The game will be similar to “Speed Legends” in some ways, I want it to be fun, we will work on a professional level, I do expect proper communication, and after payment is discussed we will talk about scheduling.

As for the scripting part we haven’t started the project in general but mostly it;ll be the core mechanics, and alot of the assets will be similar to Speed Legends.

Also please note, upon receiving the job you will be required to sign an Independent Contractor Agreement, if you are under 18 you will need a guarding to co-sign.


As for payment i’m offering R$50,000- R$75,000 group payout, USD can be negotiated, % is not really open but if you want to give it a shot impress me!

Contact Us

Please contact me via discord: Imp#2161
Also be prepared to present a portfolio upon adding me.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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I’m adding you on discord at HendricoMaximus! I’m interested!

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