(Closed) Absolve Studios hiring Map Creator

About Us
Hello! I am Dusk, Owner of Absolve Studios. Currently, we are looking for a Modeler/Terrain artist to create a new map for out game Lemonade simulator. Our team has gone through many developers, so we’re looking for someone who is willing to stick with us for future updates if needed.

The Team
@iiDark_Rawr Owner
@zliesz Co-Owner
@Drgametime3d -Scripter
@CowboySticky -Scripter
@MZ2007ZM Investor

About The Job
As our map builder you will be creating what players see and look at the first time they join. We are looking to have 4 areas for players to grow their lemonade stand into a restaurant, as well as a main area for a supermarket and other things. The size estimate for the map is 500x500, this can very based on design. Keep in mind this is not a regular simulator map, but the name fit best with what we had. You will have to create all aspects such as trees, rocks, and grass. The style is low poly and we’d like you to blow us away with your work! (Bonuses may come after game release)

We will be paying 6,000 Robux in order for this to be completed. it will be by group funds, so by the time the map is finished, we will be able to pay you.

Contact us
Contact me at Dusk#3953 with vouches and a portfolio ready. Thank you for reading!

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