[CLOSED] Accident Studios is hiring a Development Team

Hello, I am the Chairman of Accident Studios. We are hiring a Programmer, Builder, GFX Artist and more!

We are making a game called ‘Kicking Simulator.’

Full Information

Information: You are going to make a Simulator called ‘Kicking Simulator.’ Is this game you start we bare feet, and a tin can. You have to trying to kick the item to upgrade your item and upgrade your shoes. To upgrade you need gold, which you get from kicking the item. After a while of kicking you have to go to a shoe store and get them repaired or you wait 30 minutes. Once you upgrade your shoes or item, you get ‘Kicking Points’ which you can buy more ranks with.

This game has to be made by August 2020. If it takes longer it just won’t be released for a while. We would love it to be created by June 2020. But that may not be possible.

The team will get paid in Group Fund percentage.

  • 30% Programmer
  • 30% Builder
  • 10% GFX Artist

Vote for percentage if you want.

  • 35% Builder, 35% Programmer, 5% GFX Artist.
  • 40% Builder, 30% Programmer, 5% GFX Artist.
  • 20% Builder, 20% Programmer, 20% GFX Artist.
  • 30% Builder, 30% Programmer, 10% GFX Artist

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The rest of the group percentage will go to the other jobs I will advertise later in the year.

How to apply:
Post your preferred way of contact, your portfolio, (not required, but you will get better chance of getting the job) and we also want your games or images you have worked on in the past.

Chairman and Founder of Accident Studios.


Please get all your information down. Closes on 22 February 2020. Once I pick you, you get started right away!

What Type of Building You Want i Have a Good Material in My Folio

You should specify where the 30% of revenue left is going.

No one works without profit. I think some of it will probably cover the expenses and some will be for the owner.

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How can we be sure that we even get the payment?

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If the game is not a success. Then I will use my backup payment.

How much is the backup payment?

I am still thinking about that.

Well, I would apply, but your not even sure on a set price yet, how much is your budget?

I will reopen in 6 hours.

Officially Closed. Sorry if you didn’t make it!

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