[CLOSED] Active Builder for Long Term Project


Hello, there! I am consulting the Dev Forums in search of a single long-term builder to assist me in the construction of a realistic city for an upcoming game. Currently, this project is not searching for any other staff members to assist with components such as GUI or scripting. However, if those positions become available in the future, I will update this post!

About the Game:
I will not go into many specifics about the game here in order to protect the original idea; however, I will give a much more detailed description of the game upon direct inquiry by an interested applicant. What I will say about the game is that it is a uniquely styled game intertwining minigame/tycoon aspects. The goal of the game (being as non-specific as possible) is to complete various goals and minigames to earn experience, money, and businesses, all in an effort to become the most powerful player on the server. We currently have an experienced scripter developing the minigames and leveling database, in addition to other necessary components.

The Roles of a Builder
For my game in particular, I will work alongside the hired builder on various tasks. Some of these will include: furniture designs, building designs, map design/layout, lighting, and other common requests for builders.

What I am Looking For:
● An active builder able to focus on this game to a reasonable extent. (Obviously I will not ask you to work on the game for 8 hours a day, I just want a focused builder)
● An experienced builder who is able to understand blender at an intermediate level and craft intricate buildings utilizing ROBLOX Studio components
● (IMPORTANT) A builder who is enjoyable to be around!
● A builder specializing in realistic maps, buildings, furniture, etc.
● A builder who thoroughly enjoys building on studio and working with others
● A builder able to communicate through discord or other voice communication software
● A builder who is 13+ with the maturity to handle a team oriented long-term project

Game Compensation
For this game, compensation will be awarded in likely both USD and game percentage. I say LIKELY, because if the builder has a preference then that will be negotiable. The least amount that I will likely pay in USD is $50, and the most that I will pay could far exceed that. Once again, these will be directly negotiated upon once the builder is hired.

To apply, message me on discord. Once I receive your message, I will tell you what to do next. Some of the things that I will require will include:

  1. An introduction
  2. A portfolio
  3. Other scheduling specifics

My discord is: romancarnival#9842

Thank you all for reading this application. I hope to speak to you in the near future!


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