Closed admins shut this down

Here the proof

He was trying make him seem like He was a bad person

can someone get a moderator here please and close down this post ?


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It seems to me like @Bestlover44 is in the wrong here. It is against the rules to spread false accusations, let alone any accusations. I’d recommend that everyone in this thread puts this on hold until a staff member can resolve the issue.

Do you like drama? Because you are making problems and deleteing your posts

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We need a mod here asap to resolve, close, and unlist this thread.

literally look it even says personal attacks are not allowed!

and i want a moderator to close the whole post just for the safety of others

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Told you he’s on the wrong hes kicked out of the dev form il say nothing now

This is totally against the rules. False accusations are NOT aloud. In fact ANY accusations are not aloud. Please keep this to yourselves.

I am flagging your posts for evidence.

I added you on discord, would like to talk about some stuff and what you might want.

I just talked with the man on discord he seems like a very awesome person STOP spreading false info about this kind individual

I TRYING to fix this He causeing problems

Someone would be needed in this thread as soon as possible! Thanks.

omgggg I don’t want to get ban They are causing issues

I agree that he has made some mistakes in the past but the past is the past we need to focus on the present

@DevRelationsTeam help us defend this kind person please your assistance is requested

not a ban but a strike

We don’t know who is getting banned or if any actions will be taken. Please everyone refrain from creating new replies as it will clutter, slow down, and cause problems later on when @DevRelationsTeam can send someone down. I would highly recommend to everyone to stop replying as this might cause you problems.