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About us

We are ROWGNation Hello! we Created “Zombie Task Force” The Zombie game Roblox has been waiting for. ZTF is a fast paced mission and infinite mode gameplay where killing zombies is all that is on the menu. We are looking to build maps for our 2nd book and the lucky builder could be you!

Position : Realistic Map builder

  • We are looking for an experienced map developer to create Multi Use maps
    Below are the build details:
  • The build style will need to have futuristic semi-realism with details to include interior design
  • Size of the map will need to be Medium scale with 3d models from blender as ad ins
  • Map must have open playability to be used in 3 genres of our game, each map will be block tested for design and the flow testing for game modes( Story, Infinite mode, and FPS )
  • All map builds will need to follow a similar theme around the year 2050 This can be accomplished using High Quality mesh and texture packs.
  • Before build can begin we need Mockups and layout for approval


  • Over 2 years worth of Building experience

  • Report and communicate progress on a daily basis

  • Professional communication

  • A portfolio of work

  • 40 hours map build time Max

Desired attributes

  • Team Player Who is accountable for work and Self organized. Someone who is dependable and self starting, able to perform work with the admin team not around after tasks assigned. We would love for you to play the game and see if this is a fit for your work style.


We generally pay per asset. Price is negotiated before work begins. Complete the task and we pay promptly Via Group funds. For Tax and Legal purposes you would be Classified as a general Contractor.

Payment range

in Robux that range is 80K - 120,000+ ROBUX per Map.

How to Apply

Please submit the following to Discord: ROWG_Leader#3822 or devforum DM (@ROWG_Leader)

  • An application Below , be prepared to include

  • A portfolio showing experience

  • Examples of work

  • Previous games you have worked on

  • Any group references

Link ( https://forms.gle/s16XFKoh2JKZbTB8A )

Please be sure to include your roblox name, Location time zone, and hours of work available

Thanks We look forward to Reviewing Applications!

The Game:

Visit “Zombie Task Force” here: Zombie Task Force - Roblox

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