[Closed] Advanced Scripter Needed! [50% Profit]

Hello! I’m looking for a scripter for my upcoming game The Annoying Lab.

What I’m looking for:
I am looking for a advanced scripter with knowledge on how to make UI’s appear on the click of a click detector. Someone who can make a door open after sitting on a bench that explodes killing you then you can move on and things like that.

-Experience (6months+ Minimum).
-Able to do things from description above & more.
-Patience (The game will take time to make as I am the only builder and level designer).

Up to you
-Happy to share ideas.
-Understands how slow my studio is when booting up.

As it says in the title I am willing to pay 50% of game profit and I may raise it depending how well you do. :+1:

Contact me either here @MrEthqn or on discord Lego337337#6327


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