[CLOSED] Advanced Scripter Needed

About Us

We are Palms Resort and Spa, an upcoming resort on Roblox. Palms Resort and Spa is willing to innovate completely the resort industry, with unique features.

Palms Resort and Spa is currently looking for an experienced scripter who is able to complete the tasks which are stated below.

Job Information

The scripter must complete the following tasks in order to determine the job was completed successfully.

Premium Users

When a player joins the game, a script will detect if the player does own a gamepass.
If the player does own the gamepass, the player will receive an overhead rank which indicates the player is a premium user.

Activity Logger

When a player joins any game (except the Job Centre and Events Centre), a webhook will send a message with the following content:
(Username) has joined (game name). (Amount of times the player has joined that game)

On the “amount of times the player has joined that game”, if the player joins the game for the 1st time, it will indicate: (1)
The same if the player joins for the 2nd, 3rd, etc.

Anti Exploit System

Most Roblox Developers may know that if you press the F9 key on your keyboard, you see a console on your screen.
When a player is trying to exploit, the console will log ‘(username) is trying to fire’.

The anti exploit system will kick the exploiter the two first times the exploiter tried to exploit with the reason of: Exploiting in a Palms Resort and Spa facility is strictly prohibited. Do not do it.
After the two kicks were completed and the exploiter returned, the anti exploit system will definitely ban the user with the reason of: We warned you, exploiting in a Palms Resort and Spa facility is strictly prohibited.

Moderator Call

When a player clicks on a UI, they will be asked to fill in the reason for the moderator call.
A webhook will send an embed with the following content:

Title: Moderator Call
Description: A moderator call was done at the resort.
Color: Green
Field 1 Title: User
Field 1 Description: (username)
Field 2 Title: Reason
Field 2 Description: (reason for the call)

Payment Information

The payment will be done after you have completed the task.
You will get paid through a group payout.
The amount of Robux you will be paid for completing your task is 2,300 Robux.

(Currently, it’s not fully ensured that the payment will be 2,300 Robux. If it happens to change, it will only increase.)

Contact Information

Due to some recent issues within the Leadership Team, I, no-longer, work at Palms Resort and Spa, therefore I shouldn’t be messaged about this task (even though a scripter has been hired already).

If you are interested in the task, please do not hesitate to send me a message through Discord (bxnny#8147)
I do not read Roblox messages, nor DevForum or Twitter messages. It is highly recommended for you to contact me through Discord.

You will be asked and are required to show your portfolio in order to have higher possibilities of getting the job.
If you do not show your portfolio, you will be declined immediately from the job.

Vice President of Palms Resort and Spa

Is there an expected amount for payment or a range that you can give?

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Could you outline the amount of payment offered, it would save a lot of time rather than having to message you about payment, please be more precise and accurate when making a recruitment post.

If I did not add a payment amount on the topic is because the amount is currently not decided.
When it is fully decided, I will update the topic adding the payment amount to clarify it.

Although it is not decided, we are surely going to pay for your work, as we valorate your time and effort you put in the task.

(This reply also goes to @DEMOLURKS)

If it hasn’t been decided, I recommend deciding a price which works for both parties. We know that you’re going to be paying for the tasks as you stated so, however people who would be interested in this task would be driven away due to the indecisiveness of the amount of their payment.

Sent you a Request on Discord: BillyH#8708

Not sure 2.3k robux is really a good deal for the scripter. Seems a little low. Would be able to give us a loose range at least for payment?

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