[CLOSED] [Advanced Scripter] Tracccck's Scripting Portfolio

Hi there, I’m Tracccck - An advanced scripter with around 2 years of experience. I am capable of scripting most things as long as it isn’t Math/Physics-heavy. Here are some examples of my works:

Full Showcase Video: The video

Showcase Game: The Showcase Game

Spirits / Fireflies

Showcase Video

Audio Visualizer

Showcase Video

Duration bar

Showcase Video

The original game [Roll the ball]

There’s only 1 image because this feature needs motion to be showcased properly, please check the video, thanks!

Dialogue System

Showcase Video

Again, this feature also needs motion to be showcased properly, please check the video.

Replay System

Showcase Video

This also needs motion to be showcased properly, please check the video.

NOTE: In case it wasn’t obvious, I used various modules to make these things. All of them are open-sourced to the community on the developer forum.

It’s summer break for me, I have lots of free time, feel free to contact me at any time (It would take a few minutes to a few hours depending on what I am doing, it won’t be later than a day though unless special occasions)

Payment really depends on the difficulty and the time it takes
Payment will vary between 1000 :robux_gold: to 10000 :robux_gold: , but I promise it will be affordable.

Currently only accept group funds as payment (We can do game pass to but you will have to pay the fees)

To make it easier for both me and you, I’ve decided to make a compromise (To make our lives easier)

  1. I will always calculate the number of :robux_gold: needed to pay right at the start (There may be some exceptions but it will be very rare) so that you can have an easier time.
  2. Before starting, please show me your group funds/Robux being refreshed.(This is to prevent scam)
  3. I will always keep you updated on the progression of the project

I’m not accepting any long-term offers anymore, it may change in the future but that’s it for now

And yea, my contact info:


Sorry I only have discord