[CLOSED] Aeda Resort & Suites Hotel Builder Commissioning

Aeda Resort & Suites Hotel Builder Commissioning

What is Aeda Resort & Suites?

Hello! Hola! Bonjour! Welcome to Aeda Resort & Suites. My name is Arexez, founder and chairman of this brand new hotel group. Our mission is to provide a entertaining, friendly, inviting, and unique experience to all those who think of the hotel industry as bland. We hope to re-define the hotel industry through innovative means and top-notch development services, all while remaining true to our customer service expectations.

What are we looking for?

We are searching for a professional builder with strong experience in both realistic studio building and some 3D modeling (for asset purposes) to build a rather large resort for our group. Our team has decided to base the resort off of Four Seasons Resort located in Hualalai, Hawaii. The theme in a nutshell is tropical, Hawaiian, and we’ll be adding modern elements to it as well. We’re not looking for an exact replica of the resort, but we’ll be basing most of the building style on it. Do not worry about getting super in-depth images of the resort, our Chief of Development knows the ins-and-outs of the resort so he’ll be able to help you out on the little things.

Who are we looking for?

  • Someone with at least 1 year of Roblox studio building experience.
  • Someone who has moderate experience with 3D asset modeling.
  • A dedicated developer who will prioritize this build over others and complete it within a reasonable amount of time.
  • A developer who is able to send our team a portfolio of previous builds for analysis and decision making based upon the builds presented.


Since the build we’re requesting is by no means easy or small, we’ve decided to top budget the build price at $200 USD. However, the price will be negotiated upon commission discussion, so we cannot guarantee that you will receive that exact price. However, the range will remain within $100-200 USD, no more, no less.

Contact Us

If you are interested in building for us, we’re very thankful for your willingness to do this for us. Please contact me on Discord, as it is the easiest method of communication that I check regularly, but if you do not have it you can message me on Twitter or DevForum.

Discord: j.#1337
Twitter: @itsjustrexy


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