[Closed] Alert Studios Is Looking for Developers!

Alert Studios LOGO

Who are we? :wave:

Hello there! We are Alert Studios!
We strive to create a welcoming community with great games, we hope you can work with us on a game we want to release and be a part of our team!
Alert Studios were created very lately with a vision of creating Front-page games that are fun and amazing.
We are currently looking for devs to work on a Climbing Simulator!

The Team :innocent:

Founder - @TBNRfrags_pro123
Builder - @clouldbeyou
Scripter - @Icy7812 - @clouldbeyou
GUI Designer - @clouldbeyou
Modeler - @clouldbeyou
GFX - @Game_Master743

About The Job :necktie:

The game we’re making is called Climbing Simulator!
We are looking for all sorts of developers who are responsible, professional and kind.
Our game style is a cartoony simulator with low poly map and models.

We expect from you to work about 2+ hours a day.

Example of our game style

This is the low-poly style I want to achieve :arrow_down:


This is the kind of style I want for the UI :arrow_down:

This is the style I want for the GFX :arrow_down:

:red_circle: Requirements: :red_circle:

● Must have atleast 1+ years of experience.
● Must be able to work with other team members.
● Must be over 13 years old.
● Must be professional, kind and respecting.
● Must be able to use Discord.

:green_circle: Nice to have: :green_circle:

● 3+ Years of experience.
● Worked on big games before.

Payment :moneybag:

We are paying only in percentages (%). We’re sorry that we can only pay in that way but when we get funds we’ll pay bonuses and the percentages you get.
Amount of percentage is negotiable in DMs.

Robux payments are possible for short-term needs.

Contact Us :iphone:

You can contact us through Discord!
Or, join our communication server!
We can’t wait to work with you!
Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


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