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About Us

Hello! We are Alpine Entertainments, an upcoming development team that is dedicated to creating fun social games that stand out on the Roblox platform. We are working on our very first project, based on the social horror story-driven games (Camping, Field Trip, etc.). However, our game has very unique features planned out that will make it stand out.

The Team

@JustThunderr - Studio Owner
@Bread_Empire - Lead Developer, Scripter & Coordinator
@VeryRBLX - Builder
@fxbiana - Builder
@Squidzyee - Builder

Job Information

As a UI designer, you are tasked with creating a cartoony themed UI such as a shop, inventory, dialog, and more (more information about the other UI will be provided shall we hire you).

What we expect

  • Active. Must at least devote an hour or two to this every day.
  • Very experienced with UI design. You are to be able to create UI that looks pleasant to the eye.
  • Communicative. You must be able to communicate with your peers and superiors efficiently.

What would be nice

  • Can design UIs with external programs (Adobe XD, Photoshop, paint net, etc.)


You will be paid 30 USD via Paypal upon completion of the product. Shall you not be happy with the payment, it can be renegotiated.

You’ll also be recognized in the community for your contributions, and have the chance to do future jobs for us (you will be paid for them also)!

Application Process

The application process has 3 phases.

  • Your past works shown will be reviewed by me. Shall I not be satisfied with your work, you will be dmed. Otherwise, you will move on onto phase 2.

  • You will be interviewed along with other potential candidates via a voice call. If you have no microphone, don’t fear! You can respond with text messages.

  • We will then narrow down all candidates and choose the one we feel that is most fit for our team.


Discord - Inactive#4954

Applications close on 9/8/19

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This is a fantastic project to get involved with, and almost certainly has potential to have a good launch once everything is completed. I won’t spoil what we’re working on, but this is something not to be missed! You could potentially be benefitting off more than just the $30 USD fee being given for completing the UI’s for this project.

If you’re a talented designer, definitely consider applying for this project.

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Hey guys! We’ve chosen our UI designer and this position is now closed. Thank you all for the interest. And keep an eye out for future job positions for Alpine Entertainments!

Hey guys! Applications have reopened, since our previous UI designer had unfortunately stepped down from the position.

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