[CLOSED - ALREADY HIRED] Hiring a scripter! (2K - 5K ROBUX)

> About us :grey_question:

Hi there! We are an upcoming game development studio. We have made some games in the past too but we recently decided to make a new game from a new group! @MrTumbleWede and I are aiming to release a story game by the end of the month hopefully but we’re looking for a skilled scripter who can script our boss fight in the game.

> About The Job :thinking:

We are looking for a skilled scripter who is confident enough to script a boss fight with interactions to players. The boss NPC size will be quite bigger than the normal Roblox players and we’ll be fighting in a small cave with him. You can take a look at how he looks…

He’ll be attacking us with the sword that he has in his hand. The players will be given sometime to attack the boss while he’s dizzy after moving his sword round and round for sometime while players will have to jump over it. We basically need something like Field Trip Z’s Karen Ending Boss Fight if you’ve played it but, with the sword. He will not move to players to attack them and instead, stand at a place and attack them with different moves. We need at least 3-5 moves that he’ll be doing to attack the players. If you’ve played some games where there is a boss fight, then you know what we’re expecting from you but however, if you still have any questions then we can talk about them in my DMs.

> Payment :money_mouth_face:

We are willing to pay around 2000 to 5000 Robux through group funds depending on the quality of the boss. If it turns out it’s really really awesome then we may even give you more than 5000 Robux! We’re expecting something good.

> Contact Us :phone:

You can DM me on Discord with your past word or portfolio. My tag is Eco Crash#1000

Thanks for reading and please only DM me if you’re confident enough that you can do it, have a nice day! :smile:

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I might be able to do this, I have some ideas in my head of how to complete this.
I cannot do animation, someone else would have to do that.

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