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Hello! I am Andy and i’m an artist / illustrator based in England :uk: . Drawing is something I do both online and in real life as I’m doing it for school too so i’m deciding to open up commissions again to help me add to my portfolio. I specialize in drawing characters but I have made logos, assets and UI in the past.


Characters / Avatars

Side note: Had to crop some of them so they could be uploaded.


UI / Assets

Concept Art

availability 1
You can contact me at any point in time through discord and I will be able to answer shortly after. Due to school, commissions can take from a couple days minimum to two weeks maximum however this can vary depending on the commission and what else is going on at the time.

All non robux payments will be done through paypal.
Once half way through the drawing I will send it and you will give me the payment, then I will send the completed commission!

● Sketch half body (color) - 2000 Robux or $10

● Sketch full body (color) - 2700 Robux or $13

● Final half body - 3500 Robux or $15

● Final full body - 5000 Robux or $22

● Logo - 3000 Robux or $15

● Asset - 2700 Robux or $13

DISCLAIMER: These prices are not set and can change depending on the complexity of the commission!!

If you are interesting in commissioning me please add me on discord: Andy🦉#2401

I also have a twitter I don’t use it as much: https://twitter.com/Andy_TACAM


I look forward to working with you

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Commissioned this guy and he delivered an awesome artwork for my bro! both he and i liked it very much! Definitely recommend! :heart:


Awesome work! I love the concepts you come up with:)

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thx for the art you should raise your prices doe lol

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I will at some point but I want to test out my current ones first, thanks for the suggestion!