[CLOSED] Animator for Vibe LA

About Us
Welcome to Vibe LA! Skyline Studios, the development team working towards creating fun content for everyone to play! We aim to create one of the best and most interactive vibe experiences on the ROBLOX platform.

Our Team
@DevKnightly - Lead Developer & Music Composer
@TheDevvy - Programmer
@Skivaxic - Lead Asset Creator
@PossibleApplicant - Animator

About The Position
We are looking for an animator that is able to create high-quality dances and emotes for our game, we will not accept any copied and or stolen animations as all assets must be created by you. You must be at least 13 years or older to apply.

We are able to pay with Developer Exchange-able Robux which will either be provided via funds and or shirt including tax depending on which method you wish to be paid with.

Contact us via discord at DevKnightly#0001 Or via devforum messages.


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