[CLOSED] ansonxly - Scripter for hire

About Me

Hey there! I am Anson and I am offering my service as a scripter. Scripting has become one of my hobbies and I am practicing every day. I have been scripting for a while and I am looking for jobs to enhance my knowledge.


I have been trying to script different things and below you can see some of my past works:
I do not program discord bots.

Examples of my past work
Weird Melee


Keycard Door

Simple Grid Placement System


I am able to script most of the things you want except:
FPS Guns


I am available for 4-8 hours a day until late/middle September.


Prices are negotiable, it depends on the complexity and the time needed to write the scripts.
I accept both robux and USD payment.
Estimated prices:

Small project: R$ :robux:100 - :robux:1000
Medium project: R$ :robux:1000 - :robux:5000
Large project: varies


Please contact me on discord: pos#1871
Do not message me on Roblox.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Hey there!
I am interested in hiring you! Lets talk more on discord. (shebzy#7515)